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Pastor Dean

Oscar L. Dean, Sr.’s ministry covers a new generation with an old tradition atmosphere. Before God formed him in the belly, God knew him; and before he came forth out of the womb, God sanctified him, and ordained him. The Lord put forth His hand, and touched his mouth and has sent him to preach the uncompromising Gospel. A second generation preacher with a new millennium approach, he is redefining ministry, teaching, and capitalizing on the lost sheep, while reviving those of old time religion.

The epitome of Pastor Dean’s energy and interest is evident with the supernatural success of Gods’ ministry through him and the Corner Gate Christian Church. Corner Gate began on June 08, 2012, when 12 people gathered together for service in the Comfort Inn Suites. Within a few short years, CGCC has blossom over to 365 plus members, with the doors of the church at a continuous motion. The church has grown, reflecting a balanced membership from all walks of life, including many generation of attendance. Having a zeal for God and a personal relationship with the Son Jesus, Pastor Dean has become known for his original task of; “Come as you are!” an epilogue of the scripture “Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord.” Isaiah 1:6.

Prior to pastoring, Minister Dean is an entrepreneur who also ministers and evangelize through his barber shop Divine Edge,  and serves as a youth advocate in his community, and now sits on the advisory board for the non-profit organization of Project H.O.P.E., Pastor Dean has also founded and organized a non-profit organization (H.O.P.E) Helping Other People Excel in which is available to build broken homes and lives in our Communities and to make a major impact on those who are destined for a New beginning. 

Pastor Dean is a leader who has been able to relate to people from various walks of life. Incarcerate for 8 yrs., Pastor Dean sought the Lord, turned his life around and has now become successful in bringing in lost souls and sending out disciples. Pastor Dean completed his General Education through Wyndham. He then studied at Guadalupe Theological Seminary in San Antonio, Tx. Where he successfully completed one semester. 

Although Pastor Dean is a local pastor, he maintains a Global impact. Technology has afforded CGCC to utilize the Web, Video Ministry as well as Audio Ministry to bring forth Gods’ word across the Globe. “Without a Vision Gods’ People perish” and the Vision God has placed in Pastor Deans’ spirit has become overwhelming and a blessing to Gods’ children.

Pastor Dean is currently in the midst of writing his first book, “Before” and has a desire to become a voice for those who are in need. Taking upon responsibility of a shepherd, Pastor Dean is also the Husband of Lady Tomika Dean, with spending their time with their 3 beautiful children; Daughter- Tionna Dean , Son- Oscar L. Dean, Jr. , Daughter- Trinity Dean. Out of all of Pastor Deans’ accomplishments his greatest passion and joy is being a devoted husband and father of his children. Pastor Dean is a voice that was born to revitalize this generation!